there's a little yenicorn in all of us.

First Sighting!

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Creator: RavenSkyDaisy

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  1. RavenSkyDaisy October 24, 2018

    WOw, what the heck is this all about??! lol : ) Love it!!

  2. RavenSkyDaisy October 31, 2018

    Deep in the quelles of the firmament, there were quite whispers of a YEN’icorn gathering YENi’dust and making its way across the YEN’iverse.

    When word of this YENomaly reached the small YENisphere of YEN’izens, they rejoiced YENgasmically. The YENergy they produced sent ripple nipples through the OceansYEN re-YENergizing the YENnation.

    In preparation, the OG-YENtile elders, lead by YEN Master YEN’oshi, planted fields of Yokens and YENpuffs, as they danced the YigitiYEN and fillied their bellies with YENtopian wine.(edited)

    As the night fell and the YENibration came to and end, visions of YOKENS danced in their heads.

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