there's a little yenicorn in all of us.


The original concept!

According to myth and legend, our friend, The Yenicorn, was raised by a herd of Japanese unicorns in a mysterious other worldly… … world.

She knows (as prophecy has foretold) that she has a very important part to play in the cryptocurrency community but is understandably a bit nervous and often lacks a bit of self-confidence (thus the helmet)  – but she wants to help people and do her very best!

And, she’s very happy and excited to meet you!

Big thanks to Simon Oxley who helped us craft this unique mascot and who’s inspired us greatly over many, many years with his work with Twitter, GitHub, DigitalOcean, and more!

And we are so grateful for “RavenSkyDaisy” and @Carl who inspired the original concept that kicked all of this off!

We absolutely love our community (we literally have the best on the internet!) and love seeing the many different versions and interpretations that our folks come up with! Please feel free to design and submit your own artwork and we’ll share it here!

Want to mix / remix Oxley’s original design? We’d love for you to do that (i.e. we are giving our community 💯 creative license to use the design in creative and derivative works!).

Here’s the original .ai design file.

Here are some of the iterations that we walked through with Simon that got our juices flowing!

Some more of the process as we finalized the concept:

A few higher-resolution ideas as we get closer:

And then, of course, the final as you can see above! We agonized over some of the skin tones and default helmet color a bit:

Regardless, it was love at first-sight!

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